In order to honour the International Transgender Day of Visibility, 31st. March, a “Performance Night event” is proposed for dedicating this day to individuals who identify as trans, non-binary, third gender, gender-nonconforming and other, who also practice any kind of performance arts.

As these gender minorities are not visible in the cultural field on the same level as those who conform to the norms or have very limited visibility, this event aims to showcase the diversity in the trans-community both in terms of identities but also art forms.

Prejudice and stereotypes keep undermining the potential of trans groups pursuing the field of performing arts and risk getting rejected in mainstream spaces. It is therefore important to provide this space which is reserved for them and serves as a gateway for the performers to promote their work and also network.

Upholding the transgender Rights
Across the Globe

Make a World a better place for everyone.

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