Whenever the gender equality is concerned, we can probably all agree that it all starts with our youth.

We believe that people all across the globe deserve a great education and an equal shot! This means that we put the educational programs front and center of our transgender rights centric agenda here!


The issues with an unequal pay for males and females, educational hurdles and so many other problems in our country make some working fields harder for transgenders to succeed in than in the others…

Our mission as we see it is to make sure that there’s an equal opportunity for both cisgender and transgender, whatever their field of expertise, work or aspiration is!


As the TRANS Program grows, we plan to to incorporate a safe space, community-based outreach initiatives, peer support, workshops that meet educational needs identified by the trans community, and other inclusive services.

The TEAK TRANS Program is designed to empower transgender and gender non-conforming members of our community by helping them navigate the systems necessary to access life-affirming, and often life-saving, health care.

TEAK TRANS program works to address the structural barriers and widespread discrimination often faced by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals that limit their access to medical care, including primary care and services such as hormone therapy initiation and management.


The reproductive health issues of transgender people remain shadowed in the mainstream LGBT movement and reproductive health and rights movement.For centuries and even for the most recent decades.

We  provide new entry points for LGBT advocates and reproductive health and rights advocates to build alliances around gender, sexuality, and reproduction by highlighting opportunities for reproductive justice advocates to engage on reproductive health and rights issues facing transgender people. 


The Thailand Constitution does state that it guarantees equal rights and prohibits any kind of discrimination in this country, for any citizen, male or female, cis or trans.

We are determined to fight that!


All the issues that we’ve been pursuing to fix here at home, in Thailand, are also our goals and objectives when we talk about the global protection of transgender rights.

Whether we are talking about the income inequality and unequal pay, the lack of federal and state level representation of transgender for elected offices, on-campus sexual assaults etc – we are a part of the solution!

Upholding the transgender Rights
Across the Globe

Make a World a better place for everyone.

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